A LGTBI activist shot to death in Aguascalientes 


Hitmen assassinated activist Ulises Nava this Saturday in the city of Aguascalientes, in central Mexico. A fighter for the rights of the LGTBI community, Nava lived in Guerrero. In fact, the activist directed the Department of Sexual Diversity of the State Autonomous University. Nava was close to Morena and Claudia Sheinbaum, whom he accompanied at an event in Acapulco a few weeks ago. 

The rector of the Autonomous University of the State of Guerrero, Javier Saldaña, reported what happened on his Facebook page. “My partner Ulises Nava is ahead of us. They took his life unfairly and cowardly when he was leaving a national LGBTI meeting in Aguascalientes. He was on my team since High School (…) We founded the Department of Sexual Diversity, of which he was the head and always defined and fought for the Human Rights of the community ”. 

In the absence of official information, local media have indicated that Nava was leaving a meeting within the framework of the First National Congress of Strategic Litigation for the Defense of the Rainbow Quota in Mexico. The Congress was held at the Museo Descubre, in the south of the city. In the afternoon, at least two subjects arrived at the museum and shot Nava, killing him. 

At the moment it is unknown if it is a direct attack against the activist or something different, an attack against someone else, in which Nava took the worst part. Authorities have not yet released details of what happened. Nava was an important activist in Guerrero. In June he participated in the march to demand sexual diversity in the state capital, Chilpancingo. 

For more than 15 years, violence has been unleashed in Mexico, with the murder record stabilizing at around 30,000 a year for several years. With these numbers, the homicide rate is around 20 per 100,000 inhabitants. Few countries of the size and population of Mexico have similar numbers. Violence does not understand trade and enjoyment, journalists, lawyers, doctors all fall. Also, the activists. It is the context to minimally explain the case of Nava. His family is now facing another of Mexico’s ills, impunity. 

 Source: El Pais