The first birth certificate with non-binary gender identity is issued in Aguascalientes 


The sexual diversity community in Aguascalientes celebrates the issuance of the first birth certificate change for non-binary gender recognition, in the name of Yesbel Emmanuel de la Rosa Barrientos; the document acknowledges her self-perception of gender. 

This was reported by Susan Rodríguez, coordinator of the Red Hidrocálida de Personas Trans, at the offices of the Civil Registry, minutes before the document was delivered to Yesbel Emmanuel, who was also accompanied by the lawyer Víctor Salvador Richart Rodríguez ( of the legal consortium RyR). 

According to the activist, in the advancement of human rights today it is reflected in a small step, when remembering that in legislative matters the debt from the State Congress for people of the LGTBIQ+ community is perpetuated, “we continue to be invisible, but the fight does not end, the fight does not rest, here we are standing, fortunately there are people who want to continue fighting and not for privileges, we only demand the guarantee of our rights”. 

Yesbel Emmanuel de la Rosa Barrientos shared that having her birth certificate with non-binary gender recognition, the first to be issued in Aguascalientes, makes her feel “as if she were born again”, considering that she achieves a right in relation to her identity, since childhood she has suffered criticism and discrimination for his way of being and dressing, constantly telling herto wear clothing that is not considered for men, as marked by his identifications. 

“I like being me, and I consider myself a non-binary person and that I can manifest myself as such, and that I do so already with my birth certificate, the institutions will have to recognize me as a person or binary, like the rest of my documents,” he said. 

She pointed out that this achievement goes beyond the cost of filing an amparo or the five weeks of waiting that she implied, but that it is a benefit for the entity by setting a precedent; it also represents a new call to the Legislative Branch to legislate on historically pending issues such as equal marriage and the gender identity of trans people. 

She recognized that the struggle of people of diversity in the state brought as a consequence that the resolution of her amparo will be ruled in record time, but there are those who do not have the possibility of carrying out this process due to the cost involved, for this reason she reiterated the call to the Legislative Power to carry out the modification of the law so that it is possible only with an administrative procedure. 

One of the main obstacles in Aguascalientes for a person to process their act with a change of gender identity is that there is no modification to the Civil Code law for this, so it is necessary to file an amparo lawsuit in federal courts, through a lawyer, which implies that the minor spend between 12,000 and 15,000 pesos. 

As there is no modification of the law in Aguascalientes so that the identity change certificate can be requested for trans and non-binary people, it makes it impossible for this to be achieved through a simple administrative procedure, with which their rights continue to be violated 

She recalled that according to INEGI data, in the most recent survey on Sexual and Gender Diversity in Mexico there are more than five million people over the age of 15 who consider themselves to be part of the LGBT+ community and in Aguascalientes there are more than 7.3%, Therefore, they are not as much a minority as is believed, but rather a representative group that deserves to be legislated in their favor as well. 

Source: LJA